Obama and Clinton: If You’re Guilty and You Know It, Raise Your Hands…

…and if you’re Obama, ponder your travel plans to Vegas.

Revealed: America Was Warned-Did Nothing

It’s going to be nothing short of fascinating to see how these two plan on getting away with this one. But, sadly, I have little doubt that they will.

Here are my predictions for how Obama and his apparatchiks will get out of world-wide hot water.

1) Predictably, the media was first off the block with the phony, “It’s all the movie’s fault!” line. And regardless of the mountain of evidence proving otherwise, they will run with this narrative for the next 20 years.  In a predictable act of solidarity,  Hillary has already lent her assistance on this front by calling the movie ‘disgusting and reprehensible’.  No mention of  Hillary’s  disgusting and reprehensible, and, shall I say, treasonous performance as Secretary of State.

2) Similarly, in an unprecedented act of leftist patriotism, the media will excoriate the rookie filmmaker, Abenob Nakoula Bassely, for making a movie offensive to Muslims.  He might even get his SAG card revoked. This will  have nothing to do with the loss of American lives. By the end of the next few weeks we will know more about him than we do about our own president.  Hopefully, by the end of the next few weeks, we’ll like him more than we do our own president.

3) In another effort to squash free speech for anyone outside the administration’s clique, several bills involving the words “YouTube” and “regulate the crap out of” are probably being drafted in the halls of Congress as I type.

4) And there’s Romney. While he shares no blame for the deaths of our diplomats and the violent demonstrations surrounding our embassies in the Middle East, the democrat media will do its level-best to make Romney pay for acting presidential instead of following Obama’s lead of ankle grabbing.

5) Obama will give us all another dressing-down for our lack of civility toward those who have different religious beliefs. With that he will act in conjunction the UN and the Muslim Brotherhood to usher in world-wide laws penalizing anyone who smirks at the mention of anything Muslim. Muslims massacring Christians in the Middle East are exempt.

6) This one is almost too obvious to mention.  Proving the maxim, “There is no loyalty among thieves” (or liberal democrats), we can count on our Dear Leader throwing Hillary under the bus. She might be carrying his water (or is it the other way around?), but he won’t have her back. Sadly, Obama will also throw our military under the bus in some form or fashion. He’ll do this from 40,000 feet as he flies to his next campaign/party event.

These are just my random, off-the-cuff predictions based on three-plus years of watching this administration. With this clown, anything goes.

What I can predict without any doubt, however, is that Obama and his compliant media will do anything and blame everyone else in an effort to keep from admitting that his administration’s flagrant PDA for radical Muslims and their Brotherhood led to the gruesome deaths of American diplomats and the ensuing chaos erupting throughout the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the world burns while Obama campaigns, pimps, and parties with the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce.



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